Hi Everyone!

So for those who don’t know, I’m Bethan and I absolutely love reading, so I figured why not choose to review them? So here we are!

I do have a star system that I stick to religiously, so go ahead and take a look below:

5 STARS: This means that this book is bloody amazing. No faults and the characters are superb, amazing storyline.

4 STARS: Something, either the storyline or the characters could be written slightly better but it was still a very good book.

3 STARS: Some element about the book could be better and it maybe had a slight impact as to how good the book was

2 STARS: Wasn’t a good book, but maybe the characters or the storyline were good, so it earned it an extra star.

1 STAR: Really struggled to read this, did not enjoy it and didn’t really care about the characters or the plot.

0 STARS: Just no.

Hopefully this makes my blogs a bit more clearer!

Happy reading,

Bethan x